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As the B2B extension of the Shega platform, Shega Jimla is our wholesale marketplace that connects local SME and wholesale suppliers with individual buyers and businesses. It provides sourcing to local businesses to effectively fix the supply chain challenge abundantly faced in Ethiopia.

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Shega Zembil is our solution to the last mile distribution limitation in Ethiopia. Leveraging the strength of Kifiya’s large agent network, Shega Zembil is a hub dedicated to providing retailers and consumers with reliable and fast supply channels to FMCG Products, Ethiotel Airtime and Dlight solar devices.

Partner Startups


Emeshaw Spices

Meet Emeshaw Berike, one of our many SMEs registered with Shega. She started her business in 2003 E.C. Producing over 40 types of spices, she started this business after the savings she had to start a restaurant business was spent on covering her medical expenses. She used to sell upto 6,000 spices at big bazaars three times a year but the outbreak of COVID-19 has put a stop to that. After registering with Shega, she was provided with training on online selling and the benefits that it brings to her business growth. Our platform continues to support her through marketing support and branding so she can win in the market, scale up her business and create more jobs.

Misrak Asrat

Misrak Asrat got her start in the leather business in 2016, buying leather belts from vendors and selling them at large bazaars. She now manufactures her own line of fashionable women’s leather shoes. She faced dropping sales numbers and financial strain due to Coronavirus but after her introduction to e-commerce and training, she has managed to bring her sales numbers back up and her business is now performing well.

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Ethio Shurab

Dawit and his wife began making sweaters 15 years ago in their home and selling their products from a small shop. Through the years, they have been able to scale up their production to include more than 40 types of products with sales earned at bazaars in Addis and regional cities, Due to the pandemic, their sales dropped and their business is facing financial challenges. With their induction into Shega, Ethio Shurab will be able to interact directly with customers and increase their sales via our online selling platform.

Getnet Kifle

Getnet started his business over 15 years ago by repairing shoes. Through the years, he grew his skill and experience before he started making different leather products. His small business now produces shoes, belts and bags and has created jobs for two permanent employees working closely with him. Similar to most local producers, his major source of revenue was from sales at different bazaars. With COVID putting a halt on all sales events in Addis, Getnet has joined the Shega family to resolve the challenge of access to market. Shega has provided him with trainings in August of 2020 and now, having a better understanding of online commerce, he is earning back his revenue and growing his business.

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