Shega travel is our online hotel and travel booking platform connecting both international and local tourists to established brands and hospitality entrepreneurs in Ethiopia. It is committed to taking the friction out of accommodation and travel in Ethiopia by offering a variety of transportation options, places to stay and experiences to enjoy,

About The Platform


Why we do it

The current lack of online booking and proper destination marketing impedes the growth of the local hotel and tourism industry severely.


How we do it

By curating natural, cultural, historical and urban experiences from all corners of Ethiopia and by developing listing of tourism options, we can offer a safe and convenient way for tourists to experience Ethiopia and avail a new source of revenue for local businesses to scale up and grow.


Our Packages

On our intuitive platform, fully customizable package offers make it easier for the user to decide which locations to visit, what activities to participate in, how to travel and where to stay. It also lets users share feedback, photos and even videos from their visit to help other user decide on what experience they want to have.