Shega Muya is our technology platform bridging the gap between the informal skilled sector and customers looking for skilled and semi-skilled professionals. We believe this platform offers a connection between the supply and demand sides of non-referenced services, allowing the provision of quality service to customers and workers with an opportunity to further develop their craft.


How we do it

Our platform grants instant access to professional services for household, cleaning and repairing workmanship through its four service lines

Beauty Care

This service section is a beauty and wellness business sector. It includes: Hair stylist, barber, wax, massage, pedicure and manicure.

Home Services

This service section include different types of domestic work. It includes: cook, cleaner, nanny, gardener and laundry.

Event Organizing

This service category focuses on event related services. It includes catering and waiting service.

Home Repair

This service category is focused on repair activity. It includes Plumbers, cleaners, painters, carpenter, electrician, dish installation and repair.

Holistic Project Services

This service category is focused on the construction of projects and installation. It includes: Painter, electric system installer, floor work, finishing work, carpenter, brick layer worker and water pipe installer.

How this affects change

In Ethiopia, as in the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, the informal sector is omnipresent and very dynamic. More than 60% of the population is employed in the informal sector. In seeing this potential of non-referenced jobs, this platform creates a hub where professionals and specialists seeking a steady flow of jobs and consumers looking for high quality services can connect. This platform created employment opportunity to the informal sector this contributing in a major way to the economic growth and development of Ethiopia