Shega Fre is our integrated agricultural platform and a point-of-sale system that provides farmers access to agricultural insurance products, access to finance for high-quality inputs, and direct access to commercial markets via commercial warehouses.
The agricultural sector contributing to multiple value chains and being responsible for 40% of Ethiopia’s GDP, we believe our platform can reduce post harvest loss and provide better opportunities for the 13.5 million farmers and 8 million pastoralists in the country.


How we help

Access to Credit/Finance

Our platform will work on empowering the local farmer, through access to non-collateral credit and agricultural input, and allows for adoption of improved technologies and creating more jobs in the country’s agricultural sector.

Access to Mechanization

Our platform will provide linkage between farmers and machine vendors, facilitating renting services for machines to strengthen the production capacity of local farmers. This will allow for the production of higher quality and quantity yield for entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector.

Access to Market

Our platform allows local farmers to sell their crops directly to SMEs all through Ethiopia thereby significantly lowering the daily costs of goods that are currently being exploited by informal value chains and wholesale providers. Our goal is to be the largest grocer using a mobile based, cashless B2B platform that will drastically change the lives of farmers as well as consumers.

Agricultural Insurance

By making use of satellite technology-based on NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) values, our platform will afford local farmers the framework to ensure their farms over the growing season. Using our technology, a farmer can claim insurance with the technology providing the trigger point.