Qena is our AI-powered digital lending platform that provides individuals and enterprises access to credit through a groundbreaking and cutting edge credit scoring system. This platform enables users to apply for a non-collateralized loan and receive a decision within minutes based on transaction history and a psychographic questionnaire.

About Qena



Despite the tremendous importance of SMEs to the Ethiopian economy, job creation and alleviation of poverty, only 30.6% of the enterprises received access to loans from any of the various credit sources. More than 70% of SMEs have had no access to any form potential credit sources as loan services in Ethiopia are highly centralized.

Our Solution

By building a credit scoring system that addresses the risk component for credit sources such as banks and solves for the collateral challenge of SMEs. The platform will deal with the management and the cost of managing small loans from banks while giving them insight on the health of the credit portfolio. This all is done seamlessly by an AI powered credit scoring system using open, structured, derived and financial data.



Thus this digital lending platform will bridge the gap and unlock access to capital lending for SMEs. As a risk management strategy for defaults and fraud, our product design will address the working capital needs of SMEs and platform will pay to registered supply chain actors to ensure that credit access is issued only for the intended purposes. Furthermore, our platform will analyze the time of day and period in the month that applications were made to safeguard borrowers from use of credit on other expenses.