"Contributing to transforming
lives through technology"

"Contributing to transforming
lives through technology"

"Contributing to transforming
lives through technology"

What drives us

Transforming the way businesses reach customers through access to marketplace technologies

Supporting businesses to scale through access to credit

Building an environmentally and economically sustainable delivery and logistics networks

Fostering an electronic payments ecosystem to make business easier

Our Impactful Businesses


Shega is our integrated online marketplace that provides easy access, value, choice and variety to B2C and B2B buyers. We believe increased access to market through digital commerce will allow MSMEs to scale their businesses and create new jobs.

Shega Fre is our integrated digital contract farming and agricultural platform that provides farmers access to agricultural insurance products, access to finance for high quality inputs, and direct access to commercial markets via commercial warehouses

Shega Muya is our technology platform that connects semi-skilled and skilled professionals to customers. We believe that if we reduce the barriers to finding qualified contract professionals and build assurances into the platform, then these professionals will more consistently find jobs that pay dignified wages.

Shega Travel is our online travel booking platform that helps customers discover new Ethiopian travel destinations by curating unique experiences. We believe that curating experiences will make it easier for tourists to travel the country, leading to an increase in the tourism sector.

Delivery & Logistic

Che is our on-demand delivery and logistics service that provides delivery services to individuals and businesses. We believe that a digital platform that makes it easier to coordinate and utilize available transportation assets will lead to more efficient utilization of assets and will create more stable and reliable incomes for drivers.

An extension of our Che platform, Che Med is our digital platform that provides delivery of pharmaceutical products via orders generated by e-prescriptions and creates an inventory management system for pharmacies.

Che Freight is our freight logistics and corporate enterprise delivery service that provides logistics services within Ethiopia and across borders. We believe this platform will improve the logistics constraints in the country through the provision of assets and a marketplace system that coordinates transportation assets, unlocking potential in the domestic and export market.

Financial Services

Qena is our AI powered digital lending platform that provides individuals and enterprises access to credit through a groundbreaking and cutting edge credit scoring system. We believe that unblocking access to non-collateralized credit will support business growth, leading to more jobs and a strong small business economy.

Melapay is an all-in-one payments super platform that offers access to a variety of digital financial services - including mobile payments, remittances, and insurance - to consumers. We believe that an accessible and useful digital financial platform will address issues of financial inclusion, transportation, and value added services in Ethiopia, and ultimately contributing to digital inclusion.

Last Mile Distribution

Shega Zenbil (formerly K Distribution) is licensed as a National Airtime Distributor for Ethio-Telecom, Solar Distribution and Fast Moving Consumer Goods. We operate across 16 Regional offices with an agent network of 15,000 Agents


Kifiya is a technology holding company dedicated to improving the lives of people by creating and leveraging digital infrastructures. Headquartered in Addis Ababa, it helps to build sustainable livelihoods through its businesses that offers speed and innovation in various sectors