Lehulu: Electronics Service

In Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Ethiopian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology launched eService Centers known as “Lehulu” in Addis Ababa in February 2013.

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The Amharic word “Lehulu” implies a dual meaning, “for everyone” and “for all services.” The centers are based on a “Build, Own, Operate, and Transfer” model to deliver bill payment services for three utilities – water, electricity and telephone – in any one of the new locations. For the first time in Ethiopia, citizens have been provided with the convenience of one-stop service to pay their utility bills anywhere, quickly and easily, during extended working hours, accompanied by an unparalleled level of customer service.

Currently, 34 Lehulu centers have been opened in Addis Ababa, receiving payments for Ethio-Telecom, Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority and Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, with seven others to become operational in the near future. Fourteen Lehulu centers will also be opened in 2014 in four regional capitals Mekelle, Bahir Dar, Hawassa and Adama.

These eService centers will roll out up to 32 government to citizen services creating convenience of service to the citizen.

Lehulu Customer Benefits:

  • Pay for all utilities in one place
  • Travel costs reduced with travel to only one center
  • Pay at any Lehulu Center
  • Extended opening hours
  • Queue management system for reduced wait time
  • Service provided at no additional charge
  • Trust and respect
  • Helpful Information Desk
  • Friendly and helpful staff

Lehulu Utility Service Provider:

  • Helpful information desks at all locations
  • Friendly, professional staff will treat you as a valued customer

Digital Financial Service:

Enabling Barnchless Banking & Mobile Money Service

In Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Ethiopian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology launched eService Centers known as “Lehulu” in Addis Ababa in February 2013.

Branchless Banking Service

Kifiya’s digital (mobile) financial services platform enables financial service providers such as microfinance institutions and banks to reliably deliver full financial services to remote areas, with a high level of security and low delivery cost.

Unlike mobile money, branchless banking enables delivery of banking services beyond branches and into previously hard to reach areas – including customer enrollment; saving accounts application, deposit and withdrawal; credit application, disbursement and repayment. All customer accounts are held at the financial institution, maximizing consumer protection while enabling even the most rural population to gain access to cost effective and reliable services.

Kifiya will establish 8,000 branchless banking service points by 2017, creating one banking service points for every two kebeles as the first phase.

Voucher Services

Kifiya has customized its voucher platform to enable an innovative electronic voucher service “Gebeya-Link” (meaning “Market link” in Amharic), a platform that enables the issuance of electronic vouchers to beneficiaries.

Pilot: GebeyaLink

Kifiya was awarded a contract by the World Food Program to convert a manual food distribution program into a voucher that enables beneficiaries to collect fresh foods at participating stores.

Currently being piloted with around 10,000 people across four towns, and involving 40 traders/ stores. The eVoucher program will be gradually expanded to other parts of the country, replacing WFP’s manual system. Kifiya also manages the transaction and settlement from the traders.

Mobile Money Services

Kifiya’s mobile money services platform will run user driven and agent based services – enabling customers to transfer, make payments, remittances and e-top up. Not only will this technology make these transactions simpler and more convenient, but the electronic nature will also reduce costs, improve transparency and enhance security – therefore benefiting the customer.

Kifiya’s MFS platform also uniquely provides reconciliation and settlement function and a full-fledged switching capability.

Mobile Value Added Services (mVAS)

SMS / IVR Notification Platform

Our SMS platform enables information from either our platforms or third party sources to be distributed through various channels.

It has the capacity to deliver transactional and non-transactional information. Currently three major products have been or in the process of being developed including an mAgriculture service.