Public transport takes the form of either within the city or among cities. The transport services that pass through two or more regions is cross regional public transport services. In Ethiopia, there exists various initiatives to provide cross regional public transport services both by government and private sectors.

Yet, the transport sector in general and cross regional transport services in particular has been challenged by different problems. The cross regional transport services currently characterized by poor service deliver, inaccessibility and inconvenience to customers.

For example, in a city of Addis Ababa having more than 5 million inhabitants and over 1 million pass through travelers, cross regional travelers need to go to five bus depots (terminals) to book, get ticket and pay for their journey. Getting to one of these five bus depots means either staying overnight around the area of the depots or waking up at 1 am to get to the depots. In both instance, consumers incur costs greater than the regional transport fare just to book, get ticket and pay for tickets and undergo great inconvenience.

From operators’ side, there is problems of cash collection, handling and management. Third parties (so called brokers) take the cut more than what the owners and transport associations supposed to get.

Therefore, considering these problems from both customer and operators side, Kifiya financial technology come up with a technology solution. Kifiya’ s innovative solution is to introduce electronic ticketing and fare payment system that enables customer to get thickets in 500 Kifiya agent points and book for in advance whenever and wherever they are.

Our technology proved that through mobile ticketing and payment that the travellers could book, get ticketed and pay at a merchant/agent point in their neighbourhood and only travel to bus depot to travel. Now agreements have been reached with all (22) bus associations, 1500 bus owners and the federal transport authority.

The service requires an end to end solution i.e. both in the origin and destination there has to be agent base electronic ticketing, booking and fare collection system. In both urban and rural areas Kifiya has retail agents who are trained to provide this service. In Addis Ababa, we have already acquired 500 merchant/ agents points and more than 1000 agents’ peri-urban and rural areas are enabled to provide ticketing and booking services.

Currently the service is piloted in the five terminals and selected agents points in Addis Ababa.