Pay your utility bills with your mobile 

Mobile bill payment will enable customer to settle their utility bill payment at any time anywhere!!!

  • Mobile bill payment is transaction rendered for utility bill payment through a portable electronic device.
  • It is a new mode of bill payment system for Lehulu customers to settle their utility bills using their mobile phones or use any nearby Kifiya registered agent without visiting Lehulu centers.

   How the service work?

  • Customer need to be registered for the service at any of lehulu centers and at Kifiya Authorized agent.
  • Application download link will be sent by SMS and which will need to be installed by using mobile internet data. After downloading the Application change the login and payment confirmation codes for securing acces to the application for personal use only.
  • Customer will get payment confirmation  through SMS notification .

     Alternatives of paymnets

  • Customer bank account integerated to the paymnet system or
  • Customer can deposit money to kifiya wallet at lehulu or agents which will be converted to electronic money to be used for settling utility bill payment.

     Alternative paymnt location for Mobile bill paymnt.

  • Customer can use authorized kifiya agnts to settle for Utility bill payment.

     Benefit to the citizen

  • Bill payment anywhere any time
  • Cashless transactions
  • Save time and cost of visiting physical lehulu centers.




                      For any information and customer support call to 8586